Oppidan Attire


Oppidan Attire is run by a husband and wife team who founded the brand in 2018.
David, a medical doctor, is the brains behind the idea and began OA London as a creative reaction to the traditional workplace. Inspired by some of his own broken tasselled shoes, coupled with a realisation at work of how a successful locking mechanism could work, OA London was born.
Lavinia is the steadying force behind the business, and has employed her creative background in fine jewellery and interior design to create an elegant and classic loafer with a particular focus on marrying maximum comfort with style, and the ability to express oneself.
We aim to deliver beautiful handcrafted Italian suede shoes with the key addition of the element of personalisation, allowing the wearer to seamlessly transition between outfits, and from day to night.
We’re always looking for feedback and trying to improve so drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!
Lavinia & David

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