Oppidan Attire

Values & Partners


Transparent supply chain and costs.

Our shoes are delivered directly to your door, cutting out traditional luxury retail markups. Save a pound, without sacrificing chic.


Provide fair employment for migrants and refugees by partnering with us and our ethical suppliers.

Support small family and independent businesses throughout Europe & the UK.


We use cast-off materials to construct our accessories and environmentally friendly packaging to reduce waste.

Update and extend the lifespan of your shoes with our wide (and growing!) range of accessories. 

Move away from our throwaway fashion culture and invest in quality. We endorse slow fashion and conscientious consumption.



Made By Immigrants supply our shoe and tassel bags. They empower those less fortunate by providing fair employment and pay.
Please get in touch if our values resonate with your mission. We would love to see how we can work together for a better future.


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